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March Update - Return of Fat Kid

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Mar 9, 2018.

By Saito on Mar 9, 2018 at 7:49 AM
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    We would like to wish everyone an early Happy St. Patrick's Day and the beginning of springtime! Today I’m going to share what’s new and our updates for the month of March.

    I have personally been seeing tremendous support from you guys and a lot of positivity in the community. Everyone that I've spoken to has been both impressed and pleased with our progress and network direction these past few months. I would happily call 2.0 our most successful revamp to date, and we've got nothing but more awesome features and content on the way!

    ~ Saito


    • Faction Server OG District was reset! Our YouTuber team consisting of F1NN5TER, xNestorio, and Tylarzz will be playing this season so make sure to check out their channels and videos. Some major updates include a new professional spawn & warzone, addition of emerald rank, 30 players per faction & 50 power per player, and the addition of a new world called Pluto just to name a few updates! For a full list of changes, be sure to check out the following thread: https://districtpvp.me/forum/threads/og-district-change-log.2052/
    • KitPvP & OPPvP - We have two brand new professionally built maps ready to launch with our upcoming reset! We’ve been in close communication with a lot of members of the community and are excited to reset the servers sometime in the near future.
    • Fatkid Server - It's the time you've all been waiting for... Fat Kid will be making it's return to GotPvP this month. Please contact anyone from our administrative team on the discord, create a post in #suggestions, or reply to this thread if you have any suggestions! We will try to use as many of the original maps as we can, but we will also be having our build team create some new ones based on your alls suggestions! We’re ecstatic about bringing back an old classic back to the server.
    • Prison & OP Prison - Nether Warts have been introduced into the economy and the black market was recently opened. Our hope is that this will stimulate the economy and provide an easier alternative for the creation of potions, all suggestions for future updates are welcomed. We will be continuing to fix bugs throughout this month. As mentioned in the last changelog, our goal for the Op Prison reset remains in the springtime which will be ideal for providing everyone with the best possible update and implementations.
    • Survival Server - Multiple bugs have been resolved this past month along with a few convenience updates, /enchant was fixed instead of /eenchant. We intend to implement new features to the server soon which should help keep the reset lively and keep everyone engaged.
    • Creative Server - This month we will be correcting miscellaneous bugs and will continue to collect suggestions from the community. Be on the lookout in the coming months for a large creative update.
    Important News

    • Development Team - We’d like to welcome @Hijacking (Danny) who has joined our development team and will be working on a multitude of projects across the network. He has been a software engineer for over five years and has experience working on many Minecraft networks. We are excited to have him as a part of our team working on projects across the network!
    • Wiki Page - We’re developing a centralized Wiki page for the server which will contain relevant information, tutorials, and documents on or relating to the server. While this will take time to complete, it will be changing, if y’all have any ideas, suggestions, or contributing ideas feel free to message an administrator, post in #suggestions, or reply to this thread.


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Mar 9, 2018.

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    1. Mscar
    2. Buggs
      Looks cool :)
    3. Kat
      Yes! FatKid!
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    4. Polper112
      <3 WB Kid
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    5. titanium66
      Looks awesome, we are getting a bright future with all these fancy updates!
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    6. _Catalina_
      Commenting on this!! Thank you for the updates!! Even though I wasn’t here when Fatkid was here back then but sounds fun!!!
      Plus I was on my break probably!! Anyways thank you
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    7. oliver
      Looking good. What's next? GTA fix :p
    8. DeaconHo
    9. Fenchygamer
      All pretty good stuff! Am very excited!
    10. Swqrdy
    11. SnufelWuffelKins
      im so excited !
    12. LoneWolf141
      11/10 Looking swell. So pumped for the return of FatKid.
    13. DialticoPvP
    14. SaltyKen
      Hijacking was a great improvement to the staff team. He works hard and gets things done. More than any developer I’ve seen on gotpvp.
    15. iPurposelessness
      What’s the money for it? Do we keep the stuff we had before? And also make it so that the armor of fatkid can’t break. wow autocorrect turned Fatkid into “garlic” and “Gaylord”
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    16. Coffee
      I’ve personally never played Fatkid but I can’t wait to try it for the first time
    17. Bands
      hijaciking is absolutly great, also fatkid and creative! we going back
    18. Jenlol
      Yay Fatkid!!! Can't wait to play it again :)
    19. McSwaggies
      Bring back skywars and capture the flag.
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