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Mojang Eula Enforcement

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Apr 30, 2016.

By Saito on Apr 30, 2016 at 2:14 AM
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    Edit: Too much drama regarding the EULA and changes. We will see what happens in time and make decisions accordingly. All I can promise you is that GotPvP will do our best to stay online. I don't agree with any of this and I hate the fact that we have to deal with it, but in the light of recent events I am willing to do whatever I can to keep this community alive for the players. I owe you that much.



Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Apr 30, 2016.

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    1. Aussie
      Very peculiar.. :O
    2. MultiworldLP
      Because the EULA problem. The server dont go offline right?
    3. Aussify
      Welp, I am not updating it to 1.9.3 anymore. Btw 1.9 is still bad.
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    4. DeaconHo
      I am not updating to 1.9. But why did mojang sent that?
    5. BeasT
      As much as I don't like how some of this server is run, this is stupid.
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    6. Skyfry428
      What exactly are they so upset about? What are you doing that isn't complying with the EULA? This just sounds idiotic on Mojang's part.
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    7. BeasT
      It's probably something about the ranks.
    8. FlashJr_911
      So if I upgrade to 1.9.3 or higher I will never be able to go back? Even if I downgrade?
    9. Frustrated_Frog
      Wait, didnt he say 50 percent off EVERYTHING? Ban appeals are still $25
    10. IrishSerpent
      I don't care about 1.9 so suits me.
    11. Bumpkin101
      Unbans are never included in the sale.
    12. IIJordanC4II
      The server will be kept under 1.9.3, so if you were to try to connect it wouldn't let you. You could still connect back online with anything below 1.9.3 however.
    13. AcidicBlaze
      Extremely peculiar
    14. Drokovian
      I have a feeling that my post is going to get taken down cause they don't want to cause panic. But here's what I have to say. And maybe others will agree with me too.

      You want to essentially get as much profit from the server while the player count keeps decreasing monthly due to the fact that auto-update mods like forge will auto update to 1.9.3 and people will think it's the final straw. This is why you are refusing to comply with the EULA rules, because this server is basically pay to win. It's understandable that this is pay to win, cause the server is too small to run on donations completely, but too big to be cost-covered by you since you want a profit. Therefore you are doing this 50% sale to grab as much $$$$ from the current depleting player base while you can. If Mojang is telling you screwed up and you don't comply, that's just another pebble in the backpack of a server death...

      From this point on, you can assume I'm some crazy person if you want to be in denial.
      1. What happened to the awesome amounts of survival players when a crucial part of it was taken away to reduce lag? G
      2. What happened to the decent amount of skyblock players when farms no longer worked reasonably to reduce lag? O
      3. What happened to the similar amount faction players when you took away the cegg glitch so no one can really raid? N
      4. What happened to the initial amount of mini games players when you didn't add in efficient anti-cheat plugins? E

      Saito, wake up call from Mojang. Wake up call from a wee little player whose not in denial. Realize that GotMilk can't carry all of the server crap forever. And that you can't just be a greeblie for $$$ forever. Try to make this server fun, like it used to be. Eh?

      *The reason why I'm saying this is cause no else got's the balls or stupidity to do this*

      Real reason I did it is cause I don't want to read a bunch of crap first thing in the morning on the forums.

      EDIT1 (5/1/16 1:55PM PST): I get that you guys like what I said and glad I vented all of my anger at this point of time onto the server at such a vulnerable time. I've probably said what a lot of you wanted to say but couldn't because you maybe had something to lose. I just wanted an outright reply from the owner, and the more important this is, to focus on the end result of this objectively. Not subjectively. If Saito accepts the EULA, just say an early goodbye to the server and forums we've spent countless hours on together. Let's not make our time a complete waste and a drain of being unproductive. I am only on @Saito16 side not really because of his points, but more so because of the time and effort I put into this server. Just think of it like this: WE CANNOT. WE. CANNOT comply to the EULA otherwise all the time you've been in this server, whether as a hater or not will go to waste. And no one wants to see their efforts in vain. We should rebel against the EULA for OUR SAKE.
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    15. DankMaster
      Well Im still on 1.8 even lol
    16. Pgkv90
      Even if I get 1.9.3 will I still be able to join the server by using the edit profile option and selecting an older version? I'm just asking because I am forced to update every time a new update comes.
    17. Drokovian
      You can get 1.9.3 on one profile for servers that aren't greedy for moola
      Then get one that's another profile for 1.9.2 for servers like GotPvP. I still play in 1.8.9 though cause 1.9 is glitchy for me.
    18. JohnTaco
    19. ItzMiz_
      Hell yeah !!! I would never listen to them either because they don't know how to keep minecraft good.
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