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My villager spawner

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Veygo, Apr 14, 2020.

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  1. Veygo

    Veygo New Member

    My account was hacked with my villager spawner in the enderchest, I know you cant access ec without players being online, but ive shown hard proof that i had it since /ah logs show i didnt sell it. Bailey had mined it for me,and dexkz said if i can get a screenshot of bailey saying its okay and she mined it hed give it.Then Darkzs said no, i provided more proof and evidence, and apparently discord chats arent proof, I truly dont mean to cause trouble, but ive been waiting for a day with no answer, and its worth 400 million dollars, ive been on here for years after years, IGN: Th3b0ss989. and this reset ive told floflo a bunch of things that are broken and need to be fixed and have been fixed,im not some hacker brand new to the server trying to get 400mil. ive been here for so long.Ive been baltop 1 so many times.I just want my villager spawner so I can sell.Btw No Hate at all to Bailey And Dexkz theyve been so helpful as well as floflo.

    Bailey Saying Its Okay:
    Dexkz Agreeing To Do It:

    I hope this issue can be resolved,
    -BananaRobo321 AKA Kablewurst AKA ( Th3b0ss989)
  2. MikeyDoesGaming

    MikeyDoesGaming New Member

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    Hello Veygo,

    I hope you are doing well during this pandemic and I am so sorry to hear about this issue. From past experiences, you most of the time need to have in game screenshots or videos. Did you by chance have any of those that can help?
  3. Bailey6000

    Bailey6000 Guest

    This was resolved
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