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Pls Help!

Discussion in 'Help Section' started by Veygo, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. Veygo

    Veygo New Member

    I got my account from my buddy cuz i lost the password to my old one, reset pc and had been years* But i had gotten 700mil on prison and he doesnt play mc anymore but he changed the password back to be a jerk and I have spent the last week grinding for 700mil, and a bunch of stuff.My old name was Th3b0ss989, Lots of old staff remember me, whats left of them, ive been playing for years, I need to get the stuff transfered to a new account which im going to buy right now, ( for myself ). if not I guess theres nothing I can do but Ive been here for so many years through thick and thin, and I couldnt continue playing after something like this happend.So please help me.
    IGN Of acc with 700mil:Kablewurst
  2. Bailey6000

    Bailey6000 Guest

    Dm Bailey#4063 on discord with all relevant information and I'll try to resolve the issue for you.
  3. Maddy

    Maddy New Member

    Discord ID:
    Has the issue been resolved, Veygo?