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    List of things we should hopefully see next prison reset.
    FloAuction -
    The Return of Sell Boosters (8x Max)
    60 Tokens = 1x Booster
    30 Tokens = .45x Booster
    15 Tokens = .15x Booster
    1,000 Blocks Mined = 1 Token
    /Warp PvP
    /Warp Cells
    (Max Cells Being Only 100 Not infinite for competition
    and for fun)
    Cells have a 10k Rent With a 5D Time
    Can Fit up to 8 Dubs
    Vanilla Enchants
    (1.8.9 PvP)
    (Hopefully That is the version that will be used to run prison)
    McMMo Alchemy
    (Haste 2)
    Only Obtainable by Leveling it up by hand no McMMo Credits can be used
    Old Style /Vote System With Only 2 Vote Crate Styles
    Normal Voting and
    Party Voting
    (no Celestial, God, Monthly, Mythic, etc. Crates)
    Old Buyable Keys on Buycraft.
    (Premium and Legendary Keys)
    Actual Prison Based Maps
    By this i mean GotPvP 2017 - Style Maps not open free roaming maps or greek mythology themed maps
    Spawn PvP
    At Spawn the 2 PvP Mines will be around 30x30x20
    Purely for a few reasons,
    1 - The Current pvp area is way too big and doesn't focus pvp in one area like it should be
    2 - Hole PvP Will No Longer Be Viable
    3 - You can escape the pvp mine via Ladder not just die or tp out of them
    4 - Both PvP Mines Are Directly At Spawn and will make players want to drop into the pvp
    5 - Blocks at the pvp mines will not just be 1 type of block like it currently is it will be multiple types
    Classic Prison
    Not OP at all just Classic GotPvP Prison
    Chest Shops
    Restoring the old GotPvP Economy System for prison
    When you prestige you will obtain 1 Legendary Key instead of a prestige crate key and what not.
    /Redeem Rank
    Used in the past to obtain credits to use for McMMo (besides Alchemy)
    will be brought back
    Super Breaker
    Finally will be brought back to make prison a grind like it use to be :)
    and yes Y mine will be the mcmmo mine again
    Personal Mines
    Idk if these will be back but i'm pretty sure they will be back and upgrades will be the original prices they once were with the original block points and percentages from the original point system.
    Links in Chat
    I'm pretty sure this will be allowed again can not confirm but > gotpvp links only < (youtube, forums etc.)
    Super Breaker Chests
    There will be no backpacks BUT
    For /Chest /Echest and /Vault will be used for people with ranks (non-ranks can access /echest still)
    when their inventory fills up with blocks or ores they will auto go to Echest ---> Chest ---> Vault
    Until every single one is filled up.
    Original Style Kits
    So the old Kit System will be coming back
    /kit Wait time 1 Day Per use
    Ex. Deity -
    1 Prot 4 Unb 3 Dia Helm
    1 Prot 4 Unb 3 Dia Chestplate
    1 Prot 4 Unb 3 Dia Leggings
    1 Prot 4 Unb 3 Dia Boots
    1 Eff 5 Unb 3 Fortunte 3 Dia Pickaxe
    1 Eff 5 unb 3 Dia Axe
    1 Sharp 5 unb 3 Dia Sword
    5 Gapples
    /Redeem Rank Caesar <2,000 Credits> (Will be able to Redeem all Ranks under It same for all ranks unless your the equivalent to Noble )
    Drugs -
    Drugs will be brought back in their original Fashion
    Gun Powder - Ex. - Strength 2 - 1M 30S
    Black Market
    Yes this will be brought back.
    No Nether
    No End World.
    Free World Will Be Back
    Factions On Prison will also be back (maybe)
    Let Me Know what you guys think of these
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    If I could like this 1000 times I would, I agree with everything in this thread. #ReviveOGPrison