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Discussion in 'Help Section' started by Jelly, Jun 3, 2019.

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    Hello! Welcome to GotPvP. For any newcomers it can be a wild place, and there is lots to learn. In this post I will answer most of the main questions people ask me day in and day out. If this helps be sure to give it a Like!

    All the question I will answer

    1. You're missing a rank.
    2. You cannot purchase something from the GotPvP buycraft store (Example: Crates, rankups, ranks etc.)
    3. You cannot connect to the server or the server has gone offline/is unresponsive.
    4. You need to report a hacker or rule breaker.
    5. You feel you were falsely punished, and want to appeal.
    6. I have purchased items and have not received them?

    1) If you have previously purchased a rank and you no longer have it, you will need to join the discord by clicking HERE after that you can create a support ticket by doing -New in #'bot-commands. A member of staff will tag myself and I will help you get it back.

    If you have recently purchased a rank, you will need to wait up to 15 minuets. If it has been longer than 15 minuets, you can then also join the discord if you're not already in it and create a support ticket in the same way. DO NOT SHARE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH ANYONE UNDER MANAGEMENT.

    2) If you buycraft is not letting you purchase an item, please first make sure you are using the correct ign. If you are trying to purchase a rank upgrade and it's not letting you don't panic, if you won your rank from a giveaway, crate or in game the buycraft simply has not registered that you have the rank below the one you are trying to upgrade too. Not to worry, simply join the discord by clicking HERE and create a support ticket in #bot-commands and a staff member will help you out. If you're trying to purchase something else and it's not working, you may be banned from buycraft. You wont know this for sure but we can check, so again simply join the Discord create a ticket and a staff member will help you out.

    3) If you can't connect to the server, firstly before contacting anyone, try to restart Minecraft, so that means completely closing the window and launcher, and then reopening the launcher and launching it again.
    Use a different version, or try connecting with Forge 1.8.9.
    Last resort would be restarting your computer or checking if you can connect to other servers, if so, then the server is offline.
    What should you do if you now 100% know the server is offline? For the fastest response, contact one of our online staff members via discord. Once again, you can join the discord by clicking HERE. If you can't access discord or don't have it, then try to contact one of our staff members via the forums (what you're on right now!)

    4) If someone is hacking, first of all, you will need to record it. We do not accept screenshots of someone hacking. Then, you will need to click HERE to report a player. Please be sure to provide their IGN, the broken rule and necessary proof. If the player has broken a chat rule or any other rule you can report them the exact same way, simply create a thread using the correct Format and proof.

    5) If you have been banned from the network or muted, you most likely have broken one of the rules. If you feel you deserve a 2nd chance you can appeal on the forums by clicking HERE. Please note you cannot appeal a ban if you was caught hacking, your only option is you purchase an unban by clicking HERE. Please also note, if you was blacklisted you cannot appeal or buy an unban. Blacklists are for the following reasons. Ddosing, Doxing, Chargeback, Dox threats and more.

    6) If you have purchased items on the Store, please make sure you have typed in /claim items will not just appear in your inventory, you need to claim them. Please make sure you allow space for the items if you don't you will NOT be refunded the items. Please also make sure you have allow up to 15 minuets for the items to come through. If it's been over 15 minuets and you have tried /claim and had no luck.. Please join the discord if you have not already by clicking HERE then you can go to #bot-commands and type -new to create a support ticket.

    7) Don't panic! It's very simple, when you log into the hub you will see 3 big red numbers from 1-9, All you have to do is type in chat /Captcha <the 3 numbers you see> Example: /captcha 427
    If you have lots of alts, you can also do /server <Server name> bypass This will allow you to still join, do commands, move, place sand but you won't be able to talk, mine, place or pvp.
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