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Recruiting New Skyblock Teammates

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RocketOG, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. RocketOG

    RocketOG New Member

    Hello, I am looking for 3-4 teammates for the new SB reset. We will be grinding for ISTop #1 so if you aren't going to be active, or willing to contribute your time or supplies please don't bother applying. I have already started planning the island on creative and so far it looks pretty nice, I already have a general idea for where everything will go so that we can hit the ground running when the server resets.

    - Must have Artisan+
    - Must have some sort of skill, whether that is building, red stone, etc...
    - Must be willing to share everything, we are grinding for ISTop, not individually hoarding items.
    - Must be 14+ with Discord.

    Application format (you don't need too much detail):
    Why do you want to join?:
    Past experience?:

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope to gather a strong team by Friday.
  2. Defracted

    Defracted New Member

    Discord ID:
    IGN: Defracted
    Discord: Defracted#1783
    Age: only 11 but I have 5 years of experience
    Skill(s): pvp, red stone, automatic farms
    Why do you want to join?: Since I’m on almost on everyday, I’d like to join. And I want to have a good teammate.
    Past experience?: I have build a humungous cactus farm, an automatic melon farm, an automatic sugar cane farm, and a 500+ block long roller coaster
    I have merchant, and will not hoard items.
  3. Shadowright

    Shadowright New Member

    IGN: Shadowright

    Discord: Shadowright#0078

    Age: 22

    Skill(s): PvP, Redstone, Automatic Mob Grinders for loot and Mob Grinders for Exp, Aesthetic Buildings for farms and redstone rooms.

    Why do you want to join?: I want to join because I have the itching urge to be #1 and lost most interest in prison when happyfaceing came but to also get a slice of the payout this season. I am open to negotiations for what to be paid. I also have Caesar and the top three gkits. If I come to this new reset I vow to devote all resources from other servers in exchange for gkits on SB.

    Past experience?: I have been on GotPvP since september 2013. I know the playerbase and staff to where I can secure deals for cheaper than randoms. I have a personal interest in grinding and SB is the perfect itch for that. I also have the willingness to learn what adds the most island levels or in this case the most amount of cash and capitalize on that.
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  4. RocketOG

    RocketOG New Member

    Accepted <3
  5. 777IAmLucky

    777IAmLucky New Member

    Rocket Is A Nub
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  6. k1lla99

    k1lla99 New Member

    Discord ID:
    IGN: k1lla99 (Senator)
    Discord: k1lla99#8860
    Skill(s): building big farms
    Why do you want to join?: Doing an island as a team is more fun then doing it alone
    Past experience?: I only do deals that benefit me more than the person that i do the deal and i like the grind aspect of skyblock
  7. RocketOG

    RocketOG New Member

  8. RocketOG

    RocketOG New Member

    Bump ^_^

    Only three slots left.
  9. RocketOG

    RocketOG New Member