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Resurrect GotPvP

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 3dsam1, Jan 23, 2020.

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    Soo the server is dying, we all know this, most player so in the server are afk or bots, now I’m not sure if it’s like this on factions but I know it is on prisons. Now this post hopefully won’t get toxic, I’m just stating an opinion and hopefully someone will see it and look into it.
    So, how do you get more players into got PVP. Well first things first is fix the staff. The staff is fine, there attitudes and manners on the server is what needs to change. You can’t be having someone telling people to leave he server when they point out something that’s wrong with the server (Post: Apology from jelly humbly requested). Another thing to do is fix the rules and change the punishments. Minecraft is a game made mostly for kids, and if you have people swearing left and right, disrespecting each other, saying racial terms that is how you lose your biggest player base. Third, get a suggestion thread. Let people voice their opinions and get feedback from other players. Sure you have a sort of suggestion system on discord’s but all someone can do is thumbs up or down it. You can’t give any feedback. Fourth, maybe settle down on the p2W, yes I know you need to make money but you also are going yo lose more players that’s just want to play the game. And losing players = less players on the sever = less popular server = Less new people = less chance for people to buy ranks and stuff. So once again, let’s keep this not toxic, hopefully this won’t get shutdown or whatever and if you guys have an idea that could fix the server make a comment on this thread. Let’s make got pvp great again
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    Right, lets dig through this post.

    1. The staff team is not the problem, though it can always be improved, just like your English. "Well first things first is fix the staff. The staff is fine, there attitudes and manners on the server is what needs to change."

    Here, I'll correct this for you: First things first, fix the staff. The staff are fine, however their attitudes and manners while on the server could certainly change.

    2. Telling somebody to leave the server, however rude it may seem is not necessarily something you shouldn't do. If somebody is repeatedly disrespectful towards people, rarely if not ever listening to staff, it's their own fault if somebody tells them to leave.

    3. Profanity is completely fine, the current community does not consist of many children, the average age of people that play minecraft has only risen and will continue to. Racism and disrespect are already prohibited as you would know if you had actually read the rules.

    4. Your suggestion to make a suggestions threat is pointless, the forums have been dead for years, everybody uses the discord to make suggestions via /suggest, if you have any comments on their suggestion, tag them and have a discussion via DM or one the text channels.

    5. Pay to win has always been a part of servers, it is required to generate revenue to pay a server's bills and purchase advertisements to attract players.Your logic is extremely childish and flawed, only a massive juggernaut like hypixel could ever survive without implementing pay to win mechanics as it has the playerbase to sustain itself. Gotpvp has been on a decline for years, just like the entirety of Minecraft Java Edition, you can't just make a server non pay to win and expect to suddenly gain players, advertisements and positive word of mouth bring players.

    6. Some of your suggestions would literally cause the server to be shut down, next time you should think before you post.

    P.S I'm not being toxic, I'm just deconstructing your points as they are extremely flawed and you seem to be completely oblivious to this as you do not attempt to educate yourself. With several sentence structure and spelling & grammatical mistakes, you cannot hope for your post to ever be taken seriously, it makes you look like an uneducated child.
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    The bottom line is Minecraft Java is dying bud, it's not just got either. It's every server that is slowly going down.. Last year for around 3 months minecraft was huge again when keemstar done his minecraft mondays it was popping but still the only server that had a change was hypixle, and look at it now it's back down to 20k players.
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