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RIP Survival

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Luke, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Luke

    Luke New Member

    I just came back to Minecraft today, its been over a year since I played mc, so I thought id catch up on some survival and talk to my good old people from the days :) however I realised it wasn't there, I joined factions just to ask a staff member what happened to survival, and they reply its gone, I honestly cant believe it I had so good times, GOTPVP will NEVER be the same, sorry but it just wont.
    back to fortnite it is :p

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  2. _Catalina_

    _Catalina_ Active Member

    Survival probably won't be up for a while :/. They are working on duel and prison right now.
    I think most of all gotpvp players miss the old days because I sure do..

    I remember you from being staff when you played.
    Take care of yourself <3
  3. oliver

    oliver Well-Known Member

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    all these og players