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So uhmm.. I just started, I'm here from Arcadewars...

Discussion in 'Introductions & Farewells' started by _iiStitchii_, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. _iiStitchii_

    _iiStitchii_ New Member

    Discord ID:
    Please bear with me I'm new.
    Also idk where to post this, sorry if its in the wrong spot.

    So I was sent here from the server arcadewars apparently they merged with u guys. So /ranktitle right. I had a rank on aw, and I did /ranktitle. I picked noble because it was the farthest I could pick. Uhmm, so what is noble, a rank, because I don't see it on the store. I'm sorry if this is stupid I literally never played on this server.
  2. Ghandi

    Ghandi Guest

    Noble is just one of the prefixes you can choose from, you unlock it with Freeman rank or higher.