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Format Staff Application Format and Requirements

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Jenn_Duhh, Jul 22, 2020.

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    The following thread provides all the new information that you will need to know in order to submit an application on GotPvP!
    GotPvP Staff Requirements

    In the application we provide 15 required questions, ranging from general background information to questions regarding being staff. Please answer all questions with detail and complete honesty. If the Staff Manager feels that you're being dishonest, or you have not put in an acceptable effort, your application will be denied instantly. Additionally, we strongly advise against 1-2 sentences answers for the free response portion. We will also check the punishment history, discord/forums activity, and ask staff members of the server an applicant is applying for about the applicants in game activity and in-game behavior. These are only a few examples of what we examine about the applicant.

    The requirements to become a GotPvP Staff are as follows:
    • You must be at least 15 years of age.
    • An applicant has to have played GotPvP actively for at least 3 months.
    • One must be active on the Official GotPvP Network Discord and hold at least level 10.
    • An applicant must be fluent in English.
    • Must have a working microphone, and be willing to use it.
    • An applicant has to have a passion for the server and be able to put in a chunk of their time every day.
    • Applicants can't have been blacklisted or permanently banned from our Network Discord.
    • Applicants CANNOT have any recent punishments within the last 2 months of an application.
    • If you were previously staff and were demoted/left you MUST put the reason why.
    Please copy and paste this format fully.
    Ensure that the title of the thread is (Your username) Staff Application.


    Minecraft username:
    NameMc Link:
    (Note: You must be 15 or over to apply):
    Can you record?:
    Do you have a working mic?:
    What is your /playtime?:
    What is your discord level?: (!rank in #bot-commands)

    1) Have you been staff on GotPvP before? (If you were demoted or left please add why)

    2) What server do you mainly play? (Gamemode on GotPvP - Prison, Skyblock etc)

    2.5) Please explain the main commands and concepts of this Gamemode. (What is the gamemode about, how do you play, what do you do etc)

    3) How much time can you contribute to the role?

    4) Have you ever been punished on any server, specifically GotPvP? If so, please include details.

    5) If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Minecraft?

    6) Do you have any past experience (anywhere), if so please list the rank you were?

    7) Why should we pick you over others?

    8) Why do you want to be staff on GotPvP?

    8.5) What are the duties of a staff member?

    9) Anything else we should know?

    1) Space out your application in sections, it makes it easier for us to read.
    2) Use visible colors. One for the questions and one for the answers.​
    3) Check your grammar before you post it, use punctuation it makes a huge difference.​
    4) DO NOT ask when your application will be checked, this will result in it being denied.
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