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Discussion in 'Survival' started by TRAKR64, Dec 14, 2018.



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  1. TRAKR64

    TRAKR64 New Member

    If GotPvp can re launch survival like how survival used to be back in 2013-2014 it will have a player a base a NICE one, iv'e given some staff information about how it was back then, but if survival is like prison then no one will play that seems obvious. There are a lot of players that will play survival once they know its back. (that will take some time) on the old survival the one before prison survival NEW players would join and then leave 30 seconds after because NOTHING WORKED cough cough CLAIMING ......... so staff didn't get rid of survival because of its "low player base". they got rid of it because they didn't want to bother fixing it so they copied the survival from a different server and called it a day. That's really not what GotPvp survival players want if they wanted that survival from a different server they would go to a different server because lets be real most MineCraft players already know about most servers so there's not a lot that stops them from going to a WORKING survival and in fact that's what they have done. i have gone to multiple survival servers and on every single one of them have found players that used to Main the GotPvp network.

    Also survival needs to have some sort of drive (Competition) other then just balance top the old survival would have all sorts of different events that ranged from (pvp events to fishing events to king of the kill) i'm sure the new GotPvp staff could come up with something slick if they wanted to and didn't copy or use another game mode thats not survival.

    Although its hard to make everyone HAPPY the MORE survival has the better BUT when you REMOVE things from survival LIKE all Naturally spawning spawners, custom enchants, ETC People lose interest. oh yeah like HAVING TO ACTUALLY PLAY was pretty much removed when Gkits were added people who hadn't SPENT ANY TIME AT ALL WHAT SO EVER on survival would start off with like 187 Billion and then would never been seen again

    I believe GotPvp could hype up a Survival release and have it be successful but the Bare bones at least have to be there


    The world, leave it be that's all that you have to do

    Being able to save progress AKA having a working claim system (this got rid of a lot of people at least 20+) or more probably A LOT more.

    Not being able to beat the game within 30 seconds AKA the Keys at spawn need to be hella nerffffed

    MCMO enabled, its popular mostly everyone likes it. its well balanced all by it self people who put in TIME get something.

    People need to know what they are getting in their survival ranks like if the server says you can /eat or can mine spawners or have a colored name tag it should be possible. i know the Factions shop has always been correct. the same cant be said about the survival Store.

    IF PEOPLE DONT KNOW what they are PAYING MONEY for how can you expect to make any PROFIT, BUT if you give someone whos bought a rank or a kit everything that can be desired then you pretty much wont make any more MONEY from them think about that PLEASE. thx :)

    /TRADE , having a solution to scamming is something most people ENJOY VERY MUCH.

    /GE again people who put in time get more out of it. Im sure the community has some ideas as well


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  2. Bailey6000

    Bailey6000 Guest

    Have a comment!
  3. VillelaLuvsNutella

    VillelaLuvsNutella New Member

    Survival should be released again but with the ability to allow players with versions from 1.8- now to come online, which means people with older pcs are able to join in and not be left out. Making the population bigger with a wider variety of people. just saying, nobody really plays this this block game anymore especially on pc now that consoles are competing(people still have older pcs), so making servers only be able to host players with current versions have less population. Gotpvp needs this if they wanna continue being in the game
  4. Moniso

    Moniso New Member

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    How am i still mod lol but okay good job
  5. Borntokilla

    Borntokilla New Member

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    Borntokilla #8859
    I'd love for survival to be a thing again! I used to play back in 2014 It was amazing.
  6. ejp4959

    ejp4959 New Member

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    ejp4959 #3221
    All we can do is hope
  7. ejp4959

    ejp4959 New Member

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    ejp4959 #3221
    Okay and I don't have mod perms on here, great
  8. Swosh

    Swosh New Member

    Survival was one of the most enjoyable game modes!
  9. Lady Endirian

    Lady Endirian Member

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    I want this so, so bad.

    - natural spawners
    - proper amount of staff, at least one dedicated staff
    - old claiming system: //pos 1 //pos2 /rg claim [name]
    - mcmmo so players have something to work for
    - events
    - real dev work aka if the player base gives you a list you actually look at it
    - chest shops
    - jobs
    - non-econ breaking shop prices
    - access to build in all dimensions
    - custom enchants
    - contests

    The player base tried to wait, they tried to stay and work it out with the staff... but the staff let us down. Survival isnt a 'low profit gamemode', its a gamemode which was unloved by the owners and the devs, and fought for by its players.

    I came back to this server after a year ban JUST to play survival, and I was so disappointed... Ive fallen to playing skyblock, another server which has been neglected by staff and is full of afkers because of all the bugs.

    Fix this, make right of that which is wrong.
  10. ewiwn

    ewiwn New Member

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    ewi n !#8699
    uhgfmfm yea have to agree !! i played the recent survival before it got knocked out and its ..,. so very overpowered , i simply have artisan rank and yet i felt like i wasnt properly playing survival at all, i get the idea for kits for ranks but the kit i got felt.. again, too overpowered and made it too easy. really hope the new (new for me probably not for most..,) staff team can work on getting survival back up to its a-game !
  11. PhdRandom

    PhdRandom Well-Known Member

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    Not against the idea, but they definitely should've payed attention to the fact that survivals player count was dwindling when they stopped caring about it, and they should've done something then. To get survival back up and build the player base up again will be a challenge but its not impossible, but it will require effort on the devs side and I dunno if they really want to.

    But on another note I hope in the future they do try and get survival back seeing its probably one of the most iconic minecraft gamemodes

    I swear if y'all go crazy bout me bumping this
  12. Jelly

    Jelly Guest

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    It's coming back, as we have said before. The documents have been made and are being looked over every day to make sure it's exactly what people want.
  13. Memphis1986

    Memphis1986 Member

    For the majority of my time as Survival mod (3 years-ish), the server was incredibly active.
    The version of survival that came with the first reset following new ownership, was not what our players were used to, or wanted. Any of the previous iterations, however, I believe would see a strong following again. Hopefully it will return sooner rather than later.
  14. Jam123661

    Jam123661 Active Member

    What could we possibly know about survival pfff ;)
  15. Jam123661

    Jam123661 Active Member

    Survival definitely went to big at its end. When it was at its best the server was nothing more than a small spawn/hub area that branched off in to the wilderness. When it was at its worst the spawn was this beautiful massive purple town build that was absolutely enormous and had all of these complex additions/features. I think theres something to be said in that. In my opinion you guys should do a few good things perfectly instead of trying to do a whole bunch of things not so well. Also I don't know much about events but I think they should he part of the equation:)
  16. OGTomer

    OGTomer New Member

    I would like to see survival alive again..
  17. Longshot

    Longshot Guest

    Survival would be great if they didn't implement hundreds apon hundreds of updates and new features that just get cluttered away from the main point.
    Getting back to the basics should be priority for Survival and build up from there.