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Discussion in 'Hub & Mini Games' started by Soultothexminer, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. Soultothexminer

    As a former employee for Gotpvp who has played this server in its prime, I think its time for the admin team to take this advice.

    First way to clean up the bullshit is to bring more dynamic maps, use the previous ones for example, they were horrible and copy pasted. Add more elements like tall hills and water falls, include the blackmarket easter egg. The last map was fucking horrible, everyone sticked to one area where as in previous maps, players were spread out because every location was unqiue. (IE- boats, cliffs, sky islands, lava pools)

    Secondly, no bullshit, fix the rank/kit system. Bring back the old kit system where $50 donors/VIPS/highest rank get all the kits. Remove the stupid fucking coin system to buy kits, make it pay to win like before, it clearly worked. Include all the kits from before and remove any kit you added in because its garbage.

    You need to present a challenge for new players but not too hard that they get destroyed every time. What made Kitpvp so entertaining for so many of us, people loved this game the same reason why kids love intense rides at amusement parks, it regularly provokes physical reaction from the player, it gets our heart rates up. I bet when you're fully stocked up in the strongest gear that you've been grinding for days and another person on the same level battles you creates an adrenaline rush knowing theres a punishment when you die. Knowing this dramatically increases the intensity of every emotion you feel playing a typical game. The last few updates
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  2. levithegamer

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    Yeah there need to be some Real shit done and fast to fix the server and bring it back to where it was. i foud the coin system complete bullshit like having top rank should give you a major edge over people because what it is now feels like its worth nothing almost i feel.
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  3. Alfielol

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    There are two sides to this. I was helping Kiwi with a lot of behind the scenes stuff on the latest reset of KitPvP when it was made "less" PTW and the new currency was introduced (then it gets removed lol anyway). Everyone was like "OMG just make it less PTW, I don't wanna have to pay money on the server!" then there were others... "OMG I want my moneys worth!" which you can see both sides of. I'm pretty sure with this new ownership, things will start to look up. KitPvP was temporarily removed to focus on the bigger servers with more priorities, then I think a kitmap/KitPvP will come back.

    Everything else I 100% agree with though, I don't think anyone who can do anything about this stuff will see this post. Go to the owner or Josh because they're the only people who will reply, lol.
  4. zBed

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    real talk, shit needs to be fixed
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  5. Amethyst___

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    Yes the pay to win system was successful but it wasn't fair and the player base suffered due to it
  6. MrKirbychu

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    Gj bumping the thread :^)