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Tokens [After Revamp]

Discussion in 'Global Guides' started by Hijacking, Dec 5, 2018.

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    During this guide it'll give you everything you need to know about tokens.​
    Tokens are a unique currency and offer ways to unlock cool stuff, whether it is in-game items, perks or perks. You're able to access the shop on any servers and token counts are indeed global.
    The base command for all of this is /tokens, this will show you the initial help menu and from there you can do /tokens shop to open the GUI to purchase the items you want.

    How do I get them?
    We have several ways you can obtain them, the first is through our store, secondly you can unlock them by participating in events, such as karaoke and general events. You can also obtain them by opening crates and hornet nets.
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Thread Status:
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