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Top of everything(Snoozy Opinion)

Discussion in 'Factions' started by snoozyjake1222, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. snoozyjake1222

    snoozyjake1222 New Member

    Please Remember to Keep All Comments PG,Non Salty and Not Disrespectful,(Gay shit by Whoever made this) Lets Argue!

    Igght, to start this off, only O.G and known players can only make this. Such as irish, chappel, epic_xenmas, artimis, kralz.(these are examples, players who played wither era, and cannon era).

    Opinion on server: Servers all have flaws. Staff, dupes, glitches etc. fix the damn server.

    My honest opinion on all factions I know of
    (NO order)
    • DawnBreak [Leaders: Irishserpent, Artimisfowl2 and Retrify](Competitive and Mean, did everything out of the book such ass cheat, ddos etc. Which i respect ;). I aint no bitch so feel me would of done the same. Faction is somewhat organized. (9/10)
    • Dishonored [Leaders: StayFrosty and xCosta] ( This clan was "okay" was top dawgs but never really continued and broke off) (6/10)
    • Tempest [Leaders: xZydon11, Aussified and Fadedninja89](Shit clan, they ight 4/10)(i put this cuz he put it as a clan that is a top clan, when its not)
    • Solitude [Leaders: ToddonToast, ScriptSquirrel and Shaw1021] (pretty good, most numbers and most staff)(had all the good players on their team, just like kd joining the warriors".) (8/10)
    • Godlike [Leaders: Pius and Diorit](shit clan, dont ever mention this clan. this was when the duping started. They duped and they were staffs.)
    • "My faction" With many names such as "ghetto,Wtb,vendetta,royalty" Leader Snoozyjake1222( No opinion because its my clan, cant diss it)
    • "Pajamas"(ight fk this faction. they are just like dawnbreak but weaker. Talks smack but doesn't back it up. They cheat, and also hack. Basically a mock off of dawnbreak.(6/10)
    • if i did not mention your faction, then sorry you had a shit faction)

    Top Scammers

    -Me duh (this aint gone change) nobody can scam a whole faction like i can) (Nobody can scam a person twice) fk outa here no debate on this.

    Top Pvper

    (cant really make a list so, its up to you guys)
    everyone hacked anyways

    shout out to the players I played with even tho we enemied or friends I had fun. Havent touched a damn computer in 1 or more years. Too many bitches out there guys, get the fk outa your pc and fk some bitches.

    "follow yo boy insta "Iam.chrxs" ( only peeps I know)

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  2. yoloswag58

    yoloswag58 Well-Known Member

    I was top pvper
  3. Piso

    Piso New Member

    Discord ID:
    i was second
  4. SooEz

    SooEz New Member

    I was hacker
  5. DesiredPenguin

    DesiredPenguin Active Member

    Why the fuck am I not on there
  6. Jelly

    Jelly Lead Manager
    Staff Member Lead Manager Management

    Discord ID:
    Can we get a top efag too? 15$ buycraft to the winner of that.
  7. DesiredPenguin

    DesiredPenguin Active Member

    @Jelly Yoloswag automatically wins that.
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  8. yoloswag58

    yoloswag58 Well-Known Member

    I will shove my sword up your arse
  9. DesiredPenguin

    DesiredPenguin Active Member

    How pleasant. Better be a diamond sword
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  10. Chapo

    Chapo Member

    We used to raid tf out this guy. Haha
  11. StraightUp69

    StraightUp69 Active Member

    how do u dislike a comment