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Who's Gonna play Again

Discussion in 'Prison' started by knight_turf, May 25, 2019.

  1. knight_turf

    knight_turf New Member

    Yo, knight_turf here lmao.

    Good to see the server kicking back off with this new revamp and I'm extremely exited to play some of the OG prison that basically occupied my childhood, not sure if many of the OG's and my old friends still play or even remember me although if you do, said memories are probably pretty bad as expected of me being like 11 or younger at the time however, if any of y'all are gonna get back on the grind be sure to leave a comment, i'd love to know who intends to start playing again, better yet everyone should leave a comment, I'd love to know the possible numbers that we might get even though the data would be completely flawed.

    Thanks for reading this boring as unimportant thread and if you did used to know me or we used to be good friends be sure to DM me on discord or leave a comment here.

    Thanks for your time.

    Discord TAG - Light#7465
  2. Superman_

    Superman_ New Member

    only if the reset is good which i highly doubt
  3. Jelly

    Jelly Lead Manager
    Staff Member Lead Manager Management

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    What makes you say that lol.
  4. Superman_

    Superman_ New Member

    2018 under Serayne for prison was fucking Shit